Economics Committee

Mission Statement

To develop a network of conservative
business owners,

 to support those businesses as contributors to our economy and values.


To be the business model for CCGOP.

This committee has been focused on creating economic opportunities that will support conservative values and businesses.   This is a huge new endeavor that begins to explore how conservatives can do better business with each other.   The current political climate seems to punish entrepreneurs.  Yet small business, in particular, is the number one source of jobs.   Business is the heart of capitalism; and capitalism is the best means by  which our people can exercise their freedom and independence.


Employment-Centered Child Care

To this end, our committee has noticed that the top issues for businesses in this era of COVID, is attracting and retaining employees.  To address this need and to set an example of the kind of solutions we would like to promote, the Economics Committee has initiated a business proposal for employment centered child care.

The idea is fairly simple.  If business owners find the idea beneficial to attracting and retaining good employees, the can express interest by providing their contact information in our online petition: 

If we find sufficient interest in any particular location throughout the county, we'll put together a business plan for a child-care facility in that location.  Put another way, we'll do the legwork so business owners can offer the benefit to their employees.

Click here to download the PDF flyer we have prepared to help spread the word about this proposal.

Say "No" to Sales Tax Expansion

There is more on this topic in the "Press Statements" page of this web site.  The Economics Committee has been the primary focus for CCGOP in collecting signatures for this petition.  The petition is now online and you can sign electronically at: 

You can also download a PDF poster with a QR code for the online petition for display in your place of business.  It makes it easy for your patrons to register their opposition to this proposal.

This proposal seems to be changing in Montpelier, but representatives are still looking at the possibility of taxing services in Vermont.  It's a moving target, but the idea is the same:  To extract more revenue out of the pockets of Vermonters!

If you have an idea that would help area businesses and
support our common values, we'd love to hear from you!

Email us at: