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22 Essex Way
P.O. Box 9132
Essex, VT 05451-9132

Executive Committee

As of October, 2023

Janet Metz, Chair

Ron Lawrence, Vice-Chair

Susan Bowen, Secretary

Phil Diesing, Treasurer

Chuck Wilton, Finance Chair

Rachel Stringer, Committewoman

Dan Feliciano, Committeeman

Delegates and Alternates to the State GOP Committee

Contact these delegates to bring your concerns to the State Committee.


Wendy Wilton Milton

Christopher Aaron Felker Burlington

Ron Lawrence Essex Town

Doug Wood Colchester

Zach Bennett Williston

Pat Crocker Essex Town

Bruce Roy Williston

The following are alternates to the state committee.  Alternates frequently attend and can vote in the absence of a delegate from the County (above).

Roger Crocker Essex Town

Cindy Roy Williston

Patty Myers Burlington

Deb Billado Essex Junction

Susan Bowen Shelburne

Denise Hughes Milton

Steve Mayfield Shelburne